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Letter from the Director of Education:

Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome you to Lodi Montessori. We are honored that you have chosen Lodi Montessori to be part of your child’s early education and care during these most precious preschool years. We believe in the Montessori Method and philosophy of learning for children and will be implementing these teaching techniques with our students.

It is our belief that children in their earliest years have tremendous curiosity and capacity to learn. We will encourage these characteristics and work to help your child learn and grow. As educators and mothers ourselves, what we value for our own children: a strong educational foundation and a safe and caring atmosphere in which to grow and learn is what our school has been designed to be. I truly believe that your child will be in the best hands, receiving a quality education and most importantly, enjoying their time spent learning. I am extremely proud to say that our students will be more than prepared for the primary grades ahead of them, academically as well as socially and emotionally.

As a kindergarten teacher I have witnessed the impact that a child’s preparedness for kindergarten can have, not only on their performance in their kindergarten year, but also throughout their educational years. I have had countless students who came to me well prepared for kindergarten, who excelled throughout the year, and who also continued this pattern of achievement into grades three and four. Conversely, my students who entered kindergarten unprepared continued to struggle, fell behind their peers and performed below grade level, well into the later grades. Again, we believe that a superior preschool like Lodi Montessori will have a tremendous positive and lasting impact on our students, both in childhood and throughout the rest of their lives.

The teachers at Lodi Montessori will have the freedom to cater their teaching styles to the individual learning needs of the student. Our teachers will not be guided by a pacing guide, nor will they bombard their students with standardized tests. The students at Lodi Montessori will learn at their own individual pace and will not be compared to a set of standards that define their abilities. Being able to apply their knowledge, hands-on, will ensure the high level of comprehension that is necessary for them to not only move on to higher level concepts, but to also apply this new knowledge to other areas of their lives.

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of our parents and students as we become a “family” of our own. Please take some time to look through the information on our website to learn about our various programs and school philosophies. We look forward to working with you to help give your child the best start possible.



Director of Education