why choose us?


Lodi Montessori is a private, non-sectarian school serving families with children three through five years of age. Our program encompasses the preschool years in age blended classrooms, while staying true to the Montessori philosophies. 

Children will be advanced from one area to another as they gain experience and knowledge from previous ‘jobs.’ This movement will be mandatory to ensure that each child is being presented with materials that continually stimulate his/her desire to learn and grow to his/her full potential. These transitions are usually met with optimism and excitement.

At Lodi Montessori, our parents can expect a safe, nurturing environment, Montessori certified leaders, trained professional teachers, knowledgeable and responsible aides, and a challenging, hands-on curriculum leading to a higher education for our students. We understand that your children are ‘everything’ to you and they will be treated with the same respect and love that they are accustomed to at home.